Build a healthy nutritional foundation with your baby’s first foods!

Help, how do I start my baby's first foods?

Mom or dad, do you recognize this?

  • You want to know when and how your child can start with solid foods.
  • You wonder which method for food diversification suits you: pieces (Rapley), purees or a combination.
  • You have questions about the practical approach for the first bites (menu/recipes, how many meals, quantities, …).
  • You wonder whether introductory schedules are useful.
  • You want to know the impact of solid food on your baby’s gut flora.
  • You want to feed your child pure and healthy, but you and/or your partner sometimes eat fries, biscuits, … .

Insecure and anxious, that’s how I felt for my baby’s first foods!

  • I choose to follow the Rapley-method (pieces). I remember the day that my son ate banana for breakfast (very exciting and nice), followed by steamed carrot (I was very afraid of choking).
  • I had many questions about the introduction of foods, flavours and spices.
  • I became concerned as soon as I saw some eczema popping up and read up on gut health.
  • I wanted to know how I could safely give small pieces (lentils, chickpeas, beans, …) without the risk of choking?
  • I was breastfeeding and asked myself if it was normal that my son kept drinking so much and sometimes ate so little of what I served him.
  • I had many questions about a smooth transition from solid food as supplementary food to solid food as main food.

What you need is clear information and answers to your questions!

  • What about gut health and introduction schedules?
  • Explanation about meal planning, choice of ingredients and the transition from supplementary food to main food.
  • Practical information about the approach of the first bites: timing, safety and equipment.
  • An answer to the question: what if I (or the crèche, grandparents, …) want to give purees?
  • Tips and tricks for as much dietary variety as possible without nutrition myths.

Welcome to my workshop 'Baby's first foods' in collaboration with Wheel of Care!

As a registered dietitian, I want to contribute to a world in which children and their parents have a healthy relationship with all types of food. I wish that you too can enjoy balanced, healthy meals with your children. You lay the foundation of a healthy relationship with food from the day your baby eats his first bites. Are you ready for a successful start to your lifelong eating adventure? I will take you through all the steps of introducing solid food to your child.

During my workshop ‘Baby’s first foods’ you will learn:

  • all about the advantages and disadvantages of the Rapley-method (pieces) or purees, so that you can choose which method works for you
  • more about the timing of the introduction of solid foods
  • how to make the transition from solid food as supplementary food (in combination with formula milk or mother milk) to solid foods as the main food
  • insights into quantities, meal planning and menu choices
  • the pratical side of the introduction and materials needed

My workshop ‘Baby’s first foods’ is NOT for you if:

  • you like to weigh quantities or like to follow strict instructions
  • your child has a medical problem that needs to be solved first (you can participate, but I will not give medical advice during the workshop)
  • you are looking for concrete nutritional advice for children older than 18 months (I can help you with nutritional questions from toddler age, contact me!)
  • you are just looking for menu inspiration for your baby
  • you do not understand English (I provide Dutch workshops at other times and can also organize French workshops at your request)

Are you ready for a healthy start to your baby’s eating adventure?

Do you also want to lay a lifelong nutritional foundation with your baby’s first bites? During my workshop ‘Baby’s First Foods’ on October 3, 2023 from 5:45 pm to 8 pm at Huis van het Kind Nieuwland (Nieuwland 194, 1000 Brussels) I will share my knowledge as a dietitian and my experience as a mom with you.

First I give you practical insights for a healthy start to your nutritional adventure. After that you can ask your questions or share your struggles. Your investment for the lifelong insights from my workshop is 50 euros and your partner is welcome for free. Do you want to bring your baby? You can, but keep in mind that there is no babysitting or no distraction provided and that you are responsible for your little one. The workshop is given in English.


  • You can send me your practical questions once up to 4 months after the workshop about the application of what you learned about your baby’s first foods. You send me an e-mail or a message and I will give you a personal answer by voice message within a week. Important: I do not give therapeutic advice, this is about the application of what you learned during the workshop.
  • Including teaching materials and drinks & snacks.