Dietitian for adults and children

Dietitian for adults and children

Hi, I'm Sofie!

I am a registered dietitian and I help you and your family to eat a balanced diet with right nutrients and knowledge. I want to support you building your family’s nutritional foundation without nourishing diet culture. My mission is to contribute to a healthy start of your little sprouts, to growing happy generations and to boost your energy levels. Are you also sandwiched between wanting and doing, between an intention and a result and between self-care and family-first? Are you concerned about your child(ren)’s eating habits? Do you want to know more about intergenerational nutrition patterns?

Do you struggle with your (family) nutrition?

Eating healthy, varied, colourful, fresh, easy and preferably local food: how do you do that with little time, energy and mental space? What does the science say about a healthy start and (gut) health? And how can we raise our children to make the right food choices for themselves, too? I help you with your nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum and with raising toddlers and teenagers without diet culture. Of course, I can also support you with all your questions about balanced eating patterns, making peace with food or sporting challenges.

Personal counselling or workshop?

I offer you and your family personal nutrition counselling through online consultations, in collaboration with Wheel of Care at Huis van het Kind Nieuwland (Brussels) or in Auderghem (Brussels-East). If you live in the Brussels-Capital Region, I am happy to plan a home visit. I give consultations in English, French and Dutch. My sessions are 100% adapted to your situation, challenges, problems and eating pattern. I also organise workshops and masterclasses, both in real life and online. Do you want to know if we are a match and how I can help? Book a free online 30-minute introductory session.

Hi (future) mom and dad!

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