How do you struggle with nutrition?

How can you eat healthily when you lack time, energy or free hands to cook? How do you eat balanced meals if you are out of balance? And how do you nourish yourself and your family? As a recognized dietitian and mom, I give you practical answers to all your nutritional questions and struggles in every vulnerable phase of your family’s adventure. Do you have questions about plant-based nutrition or how nutrition can contribute to your physical and emotional well being? Then I’d love to help you too! I keep it cool, pinky promise! I will not put you on a diet, I do not believe in nutribullshit (anymore) and, next to my straight forward nutritional advice, I can also guide your through the world of supplements.

and nutrition

zwangerschap voeding
  • you worry about whether you are getting enough nutrients for you and your future child
  • you are nauseous, lack food variety or have questions about cravings
  • you want to prepare for your postpartum period (maternity food, ingredients for recovery and breastfeeding, frozen meals, …)
  • you want to eat nutrient rich food for more energy and healthy weight gain, but you don’t know how
  • you find it difficult to follow nutritional advice for pregnancy (for example, to prevent gestational diabetes)
  • you have questions about nutritional supplements
  • you are the partner of a pregnant woman and want to help

Postpartum and (breast)feeding

consultaties postpartum
  • you are tired and want energy without blood sugar spikes
  • you eat a lot of snacks or quick meals and look for balanced food choices
  • you are breastfeeding and you feel very hungry
  • you don’t have time, desire or hands for cooking/eating/planning but you do want to eat well for optimal recovery or for nutritious breast milk
  • you have specific questions (cow’s milk and other allergies, the influence of breastfeeding on your weight, supplements, …)
  • you want to lose pregnancy/papa kilos or you want to gain weight
  • you are the partner of a mother who has just given birth and you have questions

Raising healthy eaters

  • you want to know when and how your child can start solid foods and pieces
  • your child eats selectively/is picky, asks a lot for biscuits or hardly likes vegetables
  • you wonder whether your child is getting all the nutrients
  • you want to eat homemade food with a minimum effort and time
  • you want your child to be able to make balanced food choices independently
  • you dream of eating moments without struggle or discussion, but you wonder how
  • you don’t know how to deal with sweets, cookies, processed foods and social eating behaviour
  • your child has gastrointestinal complaints or another specific problem (intolerances, food allergies, …)

Balanced (family) nutrition

  • you want to plan quick, fresh and delicious family meals
  • you want more energy, more structure and less fatigue
  • you want to enjoy food, but don’t feel guilty about it (for example, when you eat sweets)
  • you are looking for a solution for the different eating preferences in your family
  • you want to prepare for a next pregnancy (fertility, preconception lifestyle, nutrition for the first trimester, …)
  • you are preparing for a sporting challenge and you have questions about your diet and supplements
  • you want more attention to self-care (even with a busy family life)
  • you want to lose or gain weight

School children and teens

  • you worry about your child’s food choices
  • you want to know more about the nutritional needs of growing children and teenagers
  • you have questions about your child’s dieting or exercise behaviour
  • you have questions about beauty standards and want to raise your child weight-neutral
  • you wonder how to deal with rebellious eating behavior and experimenting with (certain types of) food
  • your teens ask for junk food and you’re not sure what to answer or how this fits into a balanced diet
  • your children have sensitive intestines or other medical complaints

Plantbased nutrition

  • you are a vegetarian or vegan want to know if you eat enough proteins
  • you are concerned about some micronutrients (iron, vitamin B12, …)
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding and want to know what specific points of attention there are for your plant-based diet
  • you raise your child(ren) vegan or vegetarian and have questions about their needs
  • you have questions about plant-based nutrition for sport performances
  • you want to be more critical of ultra-processed meat substitutes
  • your family members still eat animal foods and you need advice for easy family meals

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