Find family food peace & ease in 4 months!

Your family’s nutrition consumes a significant amount of mental energy. You know things could be better, but how? The question ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ fills you with anxiety, and it seems like your little one’s favorite dish is always pasta! Despite your efforts – asking around, reading, and Googling – nothing seems to help. You feel frustrated, helpless, and confused. Let’s turn things around and get the fun back in food with Family Food Fundamentals, my compact 1-on-1 nutrition program for nourished bodies and happy families.

Do your recognize this?

  • Planning family meals feels very stressful and preparing a meal everyone can enjoy seems impossible.
  • You lack time, inspiration, energy, and sometimes cooperation from your family members.
  • Conflicting information leaves you unsure and guilty, making you doubt if you’re doing enough to feed your family.
  • You want your child(ren) to eat well and grow healthy, but picky eating or them eating too much or too little gets in your way.
  • Your child can’t stop eating cookies, chips, candy and other processed foods (and even asks for them all the time).
  • You are confused about what and how much your kids should eat.
  • You may sometimes resort to bribery because you are desperate to get your kids to eat more vegetables.
  • You wonder how you can encourage your kids to eat new things and how to raise multicultural foodies.
  • You (or your partner) might experience cravings and find yourselves relying more on fastfood, takeout and restaurants than you’d prefer.

You're exactly where I was two years ago!

I had no mental space and certainly no energy to plan and cook meals.

My 2-year-old became incredibly picky. Bye bye serving broccoli and bananas without protest. Pasta was now his preferred food, while vegetables became his enemy. To top it off, the world around us seemed to be constantly offering sweets and treats.

I felt frustrated, angry, tired and scared. How could I ensure that my son was eating balanced meals and getting everything he needed from his food? It felt like food had turned into a fight, and everything and everyone was working against me.

Today, I feel peaceful around food, which makes a world of difference in my own eating habits and mental health. Of course, life is far from flawless (when is it ever?), and I’m still learning every day. I want to take you along my journey. As both a registered dietitian and a mom, my mission is to support you and your family in building a strong nutritional foundation.

This is also possible for you!

  • You can enjoy life again without losing your sanity, breaking the bank, or spending excessive time in the kitchen, freeing up time, money and energy for yourself and your family
  • You feel confident in your understanding of what foods and nutrients kids really need, lowering stress levels and mental load.
  • You know how to deal with picky eaters (no bribery needed!) and their requests, resulting in less frustration during family mealtimes.
  • You can prepare easy, yummy family meals everyone can eat, without being disappointed or feeling flavor-deprived.
  • You stop worrying about food when your kids go to a party (or to their grand-parents), leading to less conflicts, more social activities and more peace of mind.
  • You feel good about yourself and the foods you prepare for your family (ditching mom guilt!).

Welcome to Family Food Fundamentals!

In my 1-on-1 program Family Food Fundamentals I give you my building blocks for healthy family meals that fit your busy life! We start with your mindset and practically explore your personal struggles, because healthy nutrition starts with you. Get ready to unlearn many things, allowing you to uncover what truly counts for nourishing yourself and your family.

I also empower you with practical parental strategies to deal with common challenges like picky eating, special dietary requests, and processed foods. Of course, my program is fully tailored to your (family’s) dietary habits and health needs. Book a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes to check beforehand if/how I can help you with medical problems during the program.

After Family Food Fundamentals, you will:

  • Learn that your food situation is NOT your fault.
  • Know how to compose varied and balanced family meals (also if you eat vegan, if there are food allergies in your family or if your kids are very picky).
  • Feel less stress, fear, and anger around mealtimes, family gatherings or kid’s parties.
  • Understand picky eating and what do to when your child seems to find everything you prepare ‘yucky’.
  • Get how to nurture your child’s natural ability to regulate food intake.
  • Never resort to bribery or food rewards again for your kids.
  • Tell the difference between nutrition facts and myths.
  • Read food labels and make wise supermarket choices.

Family Food Fundamentals is fully tailored to your (family’s) dietary habits and health needs. Book a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes to check beforehand if/how I can help you with medical problems during the program.

Why me?

My matrescence – a difficult word for the birth of a mother – has made me a dietitian with an intergenerational vision. During my pregnancy and lactation period I became the main nutrition source for my baby. I also laid the foundation of his eating pattern through my own behavior at the table and which foods I offer my son. In the beginning of his food adventure, our eating pattern included a high dose of dietary restrictions, justified with healthy arguments.

My son had to become the healthiest version of myself and only the most nourishing nutrition was good enough. I secretly ate chocolate and I felt guilty about my food choices during pregnancy. Until I understood that not only what we eat, but also how we talk about food, what we say about our new body and how we react to some products (hello, chips, and co!) has an impact on our children’s eating patterns and body confidence.

Now, 2 years later, I know how to truly raise healthy eaters. I can feed my family (and myself) with less effort, less stress, less confusion and less discussions. I know what to say when my son asks for processed foods, I can prepare fast, nutritious meals and eating is easier, fun even.

This is what Beatriz says about Sofie

“After almost two years of motherhood Sofie helped me to get back to take care of myself (both physically and mentally getting a bit of me time). Acknowledging that if I want to be a role-model for my son I have to start to make healthy choices myself first. Sofie helped me to change my mind about diets as the only solution to be healthy. In terms of results I couldn’t be happier since I lost a few kilos gained during my pregnancy without feeling constrained by restrictions. It helped to face the social events and holidays in a more relaxed way foodwise speaking.”

What's Family Food Fundamentals?

Family Food Fundamentals is my 1-on-1 program for families. You get 6 personal sessions, each filled with nutritional coaching for you and your family and 100% adapted to your challenges, questions and health issues. For each session, you’ll receive easy information and practical exercises focused on specific family food topics, ensuring you get the most out of our time together.

You can choose and mix the location of your consultations: online or at your home (Brussels Capital Region). As I will bring my baby too, home sessions might take a bit longer and are informal. Your partner and kids are also welcome! Please note that our sessions together are scheduled during the day. Also, during July and August, home consultations are not possible.

This is included in Family Food Fundamentals:

  • 6 personal sessions for 1-on-1 nutrition coaching each with its own specific focus and personalized advice
  • evaluation and plan for further support/goals during the last session
  • tailored, multicultural family meal planning and shopping list (gradually co-created by you and me during the program so you actually have the tools to make this yourself)
  • personal support via WhatsApp for practical questions and reflections (you get my response within 2 days)
  • easy information and practical exercises (plus feedback)

Your investment for this edition of Family Food Fundamentals is 390 euros. This is a steal and a unique chance to join this personalized program at it’s current rate, in exchange for honest advice and feedback. This price is valid until April 18. As I want to give you and your family my full attention, spots are very limited (2 spots every month).

This is what Fariha says about Sofie

“Sofie is really patient and kind. She is also very open-minded and gives time to understand the problem in hand. I participated in her Family Food Fundamentals program and was really benefitted from all her advices. The program aims at breaking taboo associated with food and helped me to be guilt free about my food choices. It also focused more on what can be done instead of what cannot be done – an approach most of the traditional nutritionists would take. She also does her consultation in English which was a plus for an immigrant like me. I highly recommend her.”

Topics of Family Food Fundamentals

The content of our sessions is personalized to your and your family’s needs. Here’s an example of the topics discussed:

Session 1 – Setting your (family’s) food goals

  • Tell me all about your lifestyle, medical issues and eating patterns.
  • Start strong by defining your short and long-term family’s food goals.
  • Shift to a positive perspective about your struggles, needs and challenges.


Session 2 – Your fundamentals!

  • Identify the top priorities for your (family) nutrition with me.
  • Explore your eating style and dietary rules.
  • Learn all about between nutrition (and weight) myths.


Session 3 – Planning your (family) meals

  • Learn how to compose multicultural meals that everyone in your family can enjoy.
  • Gain fundamental knowledge on reading food labels and packaging.
  • Get to know my meal prepping hacks.


Session 4 – Nurturing healthy eaters

  • Use smart and proven strategies to nourish healthy eating habits in your child(ren).
  • Manage challenges like picky eaters and different food preferences.
  • Explore your kids’ food goals and developmental stages when it comes to eating.


Session 5 – Exploring restrictions 

  • Learn all about the impact of food restrictions on long-term eating patterns.
  • How to deal with processed foods?
  • Get tricks for enjoyable, nutritious and stress-free family dinners (and shopping).


Session 6 – Wrap-up and personal Q&A

  • Evaluate your goals and ask your remaining questions.
  • Ensure you’re ready to continue your family’s food journey with confidence.
  • Find practical ways to handle any remaining challenges, such as dealing with well-meaning grandparents and promoting a healthy body image.

Family Food Fundamentals is spread over 4 months. The perfect pace for sessions 1-4 is every 1-2 weeks. For sessions 5-6 we can leave a bit more space, depending on your needs. With Family Food Fundamentals, you’ll receive fundamental insights and practical tools tailored to your and your family’s nutrition.

I provide ongoing personal support and accountability after this program to continue your journey toward healthier family nutrition. That’s why during the last session, we’ll do an evaluation and discuss your needs for continued support. This allows us to plan for the future and ensure you have everything you’ll need as your children grow, ensuring sustained success in your family’s nutritional journey.

FAQ about Family Food Fundamentals

How do I know Family Food Fundamentals is what I and my family need?

Family Food Fundamentals is designed for anyone who faces challenges with family nutrition. If you recognize the struggles mentioned in the sales page, my new program is tailored to help you and your family overcome them. To avoid any surprises, I recommend booking a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes with me so that we can explore if Family Food Fundamentals is a good solution for you and your family.

When is Family Food Fundamentals NOT for me?

This program may not be suitable for you if:

    • You never reflect on your relationship with food and don’t question your eating habits.
    • You’re seeking new recipes, like to weigh quantities or like to follow strict instructions.
    • You or a family member has a medical problem that needs to be solved first (please check this with me during a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes).
    • You have little interest in long-term health effects or in adopting an open-minded, non-restrictive approach to health
    • You don’t believe I you can help your child(ren) only if you also model and embody your family’s nutrition goals.
    • You don’t speak English (as the extra information is given in English). Our sessions together are possible in French and Dutch too.

My youngest child is younger than 6 months or older than 6 years old. Can I still join?

Yes, you can still join, but I recommend checking with me through a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes to ensure the program aligns with your specific situation.

Will I receive personalized recipes?

No, you won’t receive personalized recipes, but you will receive inspiration and guidance on building balanced family meals.

Sofie, you are taking care of you baby now. Will you be there for me?

I will be there for you and support you. During our sessions, I will carry my baby and breastfeed/let him sleep when needed, that’s why it’s good to foresee more time. Our sessions will be more informal, but not less valuable. You will also be able to contact me through WhatsApp, I will answer within 2 days (except when I am sick or during French speaking school holidays).

What happens after Family Food Fundamentals?

I give personal support after the program, so I can help you continue your journey toward healthier family nutrition.

Can you guarantee results?

I can guarantee that you will gain valuable insights on how to feed yourself and your family. Yet, Family Food Fundamentals is a program with a focus on knowledge and practical tools. I engage to you in terms of efforts, but not in terms results. Learning how to eat is a very gradual process and a lot is happening under the iceberg. You might need to unlearn more than you learn from me. Giving me your feedback during our time together and staying open-minded for any of the theoretical models given is crucial. The testimonials on this page come from 2 patients who have enrolled in a prior test of Family Food Fundamentals (4 personal sessions of 90 minutes).

Does my health insurance (partly) reimburse your program?

Schedule a free digital introductory session if you would like more information about health insurance reimbursements.

How do I pay?

Payment is required in full before the program starts on my payment page. Please be aware that there are no refunds. I believe that Family Food Fundamentals is most effective if you are committed from the start.

I don’t live in the Brussels Capital Region. Can I join?

If you don’t live in Brussels, we can organise our personal sessions online.

How do we plan our sessions?

After you sign up, I contact you to set all the dates of our sessions. Ideally, we see each other every 1-2 weeks for sessions 1-4. For session 5-6, we can leave a bit more space. I offer more time slots than my online booking tool currently allows. Please note that my program focuses on giving you fundamental insights and practical tools for your and your family’s nutrition. I provide ongoing personal support after this program to continue your journey toward healthier family nutrition.

Why should I work with you and not another dietitian?

If you value honesty, helpful feedback, insightful guidance, and authenticity, I’m the right choice for you. Being a mother myself and having let go of diet culture through my son’s eating adventure, I offer a non-diet, nourishing and non-restrictive perspective on food. I’m to the point and no-nonsense while maintaining a gentle approach. I also put you – and your partner – first so that you can truly embody your family’s nutrition goals. If you – or your family – have specific medical/nutritional needs, please check this with me during a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes if/how I can help you.

Do you have general conditions for our collaboration?

Sure, you can check these here!