Learn how to healthily feed your family and yourself in just 4 weeks!

You just know your (family’s) nutrition could be better. You ask, read and Google a lot, but nothing really helps. You need honest and practical help from a mom and registered dietitian? Join me for the first edition of Family Food Fundamentals (FFF).

Do your recognize this?

  • Planning family meals feels very stressful and preparing a meal everyone can enjoy seems impossible.
  • You lack time, inspiration, energy, and sometimes cooperation from your family members.
  • Conflicting information leaves you unsure and guilty, making you doubt if you’re doing enough to feed your family.
  • You want your child(ren) to eat and grow healthily, but picky eating hinders your nutrition goals.
  • Your child can’t stop eating cookies, candy and other processed foods (and even asks for them all the time).
  • You lack knowledge about nutrition and what children need (macro- and micronutrients).
  • On top of this, you may struggle with your body shape and fear that your child might be bullied or get unhealthy because of its weight.
  • You (or your partner) might also experience cravings and/or sweet tooth.
  • You may sometimes resort to bribery because you are desperate to get your kids to eat more vegetables.
  • You wonder how you can encourage your kids to eat new things and what is the best behavioral strategy for introducing different foods.

You're exactly where I was two years ago!

I had no mental space and certainly no energy to plan and cook meals.

My 2-year-old became incredibly picky. Bye bye serving brocolli and bananas without protest. Pasta was now his preferred food, while vegetables became his enemy. To top it off, the world around us seemed to be constantly offering sweets and treats.

I felt frustrated, angry, tired and scared. How could I ensure that my son was eating balanced meals and getting everything he needed from his food? It felt like food had turned into a fight, and everything and everyone was working against me.

Here's what you truly want!

  • Enjoy a variety of foods without losing your sanity, breaking the bank, or spending excessive time in the kitchen.
  • Feel confident in your understanding of what foods and nutrients kids really need, helping to reduce stress around mealtimes.
  • Build a healthy relationship with food within your family.
  • Get parental strategies for dealing with picky eaters (no bribery needed!) or processed foods.
  • Gain practical tips for healthy, balanced family meals.
  • Know what to do with different dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • Experience less conflicts and discussions around (processed) foods.
  • Feel good about yourself and the foods you eat.

Welcome to Family Food Fundamentals!

In my 4 week 1-on-1 program Family Food Fundamentals (FFF), I give you my building blocks for healthy family meals. I empower you with parental strategies to deal with common challenges like picky eating, special requests, and processed foods. We also dive into your mindset and practically explore your personal struggles, because healthy nutrition starts with you. Of course, I leave room to get into specific health related issues (book a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes to check beforehand if/how I can help you with medical problems during the program).

After Family Food Fundamentals, you will:

  • Learn that your food situation is NOT your fault.
  • Have fundamental knowledge about family nutrition.
  • Work on a healthy relationship with food (for you and your little ones).
  • Know how to compose varied and balanced family meals that everyone can enjoy (also if you eat vegan, if there are food allergies in your family or if your kids are very picky).
  • Experience less stress, fear, and anger around mealtimes, family gatherings or kid’s parties.
  • Understand how to deal with picky eating.
  • Learn more about the underlying reasons behind your cravings or emotional eating.
  • Never resort to bribery or food rewards again for your kids.
  • Feel better (also about your weight and body image).
  • Recognize diets and nutrition myths.
  • Receive honest and practical advice from me.
  • Read food labels and make wise supermarket choices.

Why me?

My matrescence – a difficult word for the birth of a mother – has made me a dietitian with an intergenerational vision. During my pregnancy and lactation period I became the main nutrition source for my baby. I also laid the foundation of his eating pattern through my own behavior at the table and which foods I offer my son. In the beginning of his food adventure, our eating pattern included a high dose of dietary restrictions, justified with healthy arguments.

My son had to become the healthiest version of myself and only the most nourishing nutrition was good enough. I secretly ate chocolate and I felt guilty about my food choices during pregnancy. Until I understood that not only what we eat, but also how we talk about food, what we say about our new body and how we react to some products (hello, chips, and co!) has an impact on our children’s eating patterns and body confidence.

Now, 2 years later, I know how to truly raise healthy eaters. I can feed my family (and myself) with less effort, less stress, less confusion and less discussions. I know what to say when my son asks for processed foods, I can prepare fast, nutritious meals and eating is easier, fun even.

Of course, life is far from flawless (when is it ever?), and I’m still learning every day. But I feel liberated and peaceful around food, which makes a world of difference in my own eating habits and mental health. As both a registered dietitian and a mom, my mission is to also support you and your family in building a strong nutritional foundation.

This is what Beatriz says about Sofie

“After almost two years of motherhood Sofie helped me to get back to take care of myself (both physically and mentally getting a bit of me time). Acknowledging that if I want to be a role-model for my son I have to start to make healthy choices myself first. Sofie helped me to change my mind about diets as the only solution to be healthy. In terms of results I couldn’t be happier since I lost a few kilos gained during my pregnancy without feeling constrained by restrictions. It helped to face the social events and holidays in a more relaxed way foodwise speaking.”

What's Family Food Fundamentals?

Family Food Fundamentals (FFF) is my new 4-week 1-on-1 program for families. You get 4 personal consultations of 90 minutes with nutritional coaching for you and your family, 100% adapted to your challenges, questions and health issues. For each consultation, you’ll receive easy information and practical exercises focused on specific family food topics, ensuring you get the most out of our time together. Plus, you can connect with other FFF-parents to share your struggles and success stories.

I only organize Family Food Fundamentals once in 2023: between September 25 and October 25 2023. Because I want to give you and your family my full attention, there are only 6 spots available (1 family = 1 spot). It’s good to know that as from November 1st, I start cocooning (to take care of my second son) and will only be back around spring 2024.

This is included in Family Food Fundamentals:

  • 4 personal consultations of 90 minutes – each with its own specific focus – online or at your home (Brussels Capital Region), Huis van het Kind Nieuwland (Brussels-Midi) or GC Den Dam (Oudergem). Your partner and kids are also welcome!
  • family mealplan (gradually co-created by you and me so you actually have the tools to make this yourself)
  • personal support via WhatsApp for practical questions (you get my response within 2 days)
  • discounts with my partners (Nutriphyt, Arctic Blue and Bonusan)


Extra’s (beta-version, so bear with me):

  • easy information and practical exercises for each consultation
  • minimal 1 online session with other FFF-parents (date and topic to be confirmed)
  • private, small online group for sharing frustrations, successes, …
  • my treat to a 10% discount with my Brussels-based partner Solid Stash (frozen vegan meals, cooked with love and home-delivered) until the end of the Family Food Fundamentals program
  • 1 coupon at Au Comptoir de Margaux (Oudergem) for a free hot drink if you spend a minimum of 5 euros
  • early bird bonus (enroll by 25/9): Green Kitchen Stories ‘Quick + Slow’ cookbook (English edition)

As this is the very first edition of Family Food Fundamentals, your investment is 360 euros. This means that you pay the price of 4 consultations (90 minutes) with me and that you get the beta-version of the extras for free. I’ll close all subscriptions Friday September 29 at midnight, giving us enough time to schedule all consultations before October 26 if you enroll.

This is what Fariha says about Sofie

“Sofie is really patient and kind. She is also very open-minded and gives time to understand the problem in hand. I participated in her Family Food Fundamentals program and was really benefitted from all her advices. The program aims at breaking taboo associated with food and helped me to be guilt free about my food choices. It also focused more on what can be done instead of what cannot be done – an approach most of the traditional nutritionists would take. She also does her consultation in English which was a plus for an immigrant like me. I highly recommend her.”

Topics of our 4 Family Food Fundamentals consultations

Consultation 1: Setting your (family’s) food goals

  • Tell me all about your lifestyle, medical issues and eating patterns during this intake session.
  • Start strong by defining your short and long-term family’s food goals.
  • Explore your eating style and dietary rules.


Consultation 2: Planning your (family) meals

  • Identify the top priorities for your (family) nutrition with me.
  • Learn how to compose meals that everyone in your family can eat.
  • Gain fundamental knowledge on reading food labels and packaging.


Consultation 3: Nurturing healthy eaters

  • Use smart and proven strategies to nourish healthy eating habits in your child(ren).
  • Manage challenges like picky eaters and different food preferences.
  • Get tricks for enjoyable, nutritious and stress-free family dinners.


Consultation 4: Wrap-up and personal Q&A

  • Evaluate your goals and ask your remaining questions.
  • Ensure you’re ready to continue your family’s food journey with confidence.
  • Find practical ways to handle any remaining challenges, such as dealing with well-meaning grandparents and promoting a healthy body image.

You can book your 4 consultations of 90 minutes between September 25 and October 25 in 2023. You can choose and mix the location of your consultations: online, at your home (Brussels Capital Region) or you are welcome at my cabinets in Oudergem (GC Den Dam – Tuesday 2PM-5PM & Thursday 10AM-1PM) and at Brussels-Midi (Huis van het Kind Nieuwland in collaboration with Wheel of Care – Tuesday 10AM-1PM & Friday 10AM-1PM).

Please note that my program focuses on giving you fundamental solutions for your and your family’s nutrition. You can book consultations for more personal support after my pregnancy leave (around spring 2024) to continue your journey toward healthier family nutrition.

FAQ about Family Food Fundamentals

How do I know Family Food Fundamentals is what I and my family need?

Family Food Fundamentals is designed for anyone who faces challenges with family nutrition. If you recognize the struggles mentioned in the sales page, my new program is tailored to help you and your family overcome them. To avoid any surprises, I recommend booking a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes with me so that we can explore if Family Food Fundamentals is a good solution for you and your family.

When is Family Food Fundamentals NOT for me?

This program may not be suitable for you if:

    • You never reflect on your emotional relationship with food and don’t question your eating habits.
    • You’re seeking new recipes, like to weigh quantities or like to follow strict instructions.
    • Your child has a medical problem that needs to be solved first (please check this with me during a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes).
    • You have little interest in long-term health effects or in adopting an open-minded, non-restrictive approach to health
    • You don’t believe I you can help your child(ren) only if you also model and embody your family’s nutrition goals.
    • You don’t speak English (as the extra information and group sessions are given in English). Personal consultations are possible in French and Dutch too.

My youngest child is younger than 6 months or older than 6 years old. Can I still join?

Yes, you can still join, but I recommend checking with me through a free digital introductory session of 30 minutes to ensure the program aligns with your specific situation.

Will I receive personalized recipes?

No, you won’t receive personalized recipes, but you will receive inspiration and guidance on building balanced family meals.

Sofie, you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy now. Will you be there for me?

I’ll do my best to be there for you, but if any health issues arise, I’ll refund your payment for any cancelled consultations. As you get all the extras for free, these cannot be reimbursed.

What happens after Family Food Fundamentals?

You can book consultations for more personal support after my pregnancy leave (around spring 2024) to help you continue your journey toward healthier family nutrition.

What should I expect from the beta-version of the extras?

The beta-version of the extras may not be perfect, but I do everything I can to make this already very helpful and inspiring. Can you guarantee results?

I can guarantee that you will gain valuable insights on how to feed yourself and your family. Yet, Family Food Fundamentals is a short, intense 4-week program with a focus on knowledge and practical tools. I engage to you in terms of efforts, but not in terms results. Giving me your feedback during our consultations and staying open-minded for any of the theoretical models given is crucial. The testimonials on this page come from 2 patients who have already enrolled in a prior test version (4 FFF-consultations without the extras).

Does my health insurance (partly reimburse) your program?

Please check with your health insurance provider to determine if they offer any (partial) reimbursement for 4 consultations with a registered dietitian. You might need a medical prescription needed prior to the consultations.

Also, the Belgian INAMI health insurance may potentially cover my treatment for your child(ren) aged 6 to 17 with overweight or obesity (60 minutes intake and 30 minutes follow-up). Schedule a free digital introductory session with me to determine if this applies to your child(ren), or if you would like more information about health insurance reimbursements in general.

How do I pay?

Payment is required in full before the program starts as a commitment on my payment page. Please be aware that there are no refunds (unless I have to cancel one or more consultation due to health reasons). I believe that Family Food Fundamentals is most effective if you are committed from the start.

I don’t live in the Brussels Capital Region. Can I join?

If you don’t live in Brussels, we can organise our 4 personal consultations online or you are welcome at my cabinet in Oudergem (GC Den Dam – Tuesday 2PM-5PM & Thursday 10AM-1PM) or at Brussels-Midi (Huis van het Kind Nieuwland in collaboration with Wheel of Care – Tuesday 10AM-1PM & Friday 10AM-1PM). As the masterclass is organized online, you can still contact with other parents.

When is the next edition?

I’m uncertain about the next edition’s timing, but this beta-version of Family Food Fundamentals is a unique opportunity to join at the current price, where you only pay for 4 consultations of 90 minutes and get anything else included for free.

Why should I work with you and not another dietitian?

If you value honesty, helpful feedback, results-oriented guidance, and authenticity, I’m the right choice for you. Being a mother myself and having let go of diet culture through my son’s eating adventure, I offer a non-diet, nourishing and non-restrictive perspective on food. I’m the point and no-nonsense while maintaining a gentle approach. I also put you – and your partner – first: you can help your child only if you feel good about yourself and if you embody your family’s nutrition goals.

Do you have general conditions for our collaboration?

Sure, you can check these here!