Workshop Family Food Education

During my workshop and meet-up for parents on Friday evening May 19th 2023 in collaboration with  (Etterbeek), I will give you practical insights on how to raise a healthy eater without nourishing diet culture.

Raising healthy eaters is a challenge

We live in a world where processed, high-sugar and high-fat foods are abundant. Marketing messages, parties, playgrounds, supermarkets, family or friends with a different vision and then of course your child’s own will sometimes make healthy (raising) difficult.

Maybe you recognize this:

  • You are worried because your child prefers sweets, cookies, crisps, bread and pasta to fruit and vegetables.
  • You find (children’s) parties difficult and stressful because of the food offered.
  • You want to raise your child in a healthy way, but you get annoyed when your environment works against you.
  • You are concerned about the impact of (ultra) processed food.
  • You have the feeling that your child does not understand why you prefer not to have certain foods at home.
  • You feel that the more you say ‘no’ to certain food choices, the more your children ask ‘yes’.

Honestly? I also struggle(d) with my nutrition

When I became a mom three years ago, I committed 100% to pure and unprocessed food. My son had to become the healthiest version of myself. For his first snacks I was able to keep up that (diet) eating pattern. But then, suddenly, I found myself face to face with my son’s own will. “Mommy, I want soda too”, “Mommy, I want candy too”, “Mommy, can I taste that too” and so on. Panic! Other than that I can’t describe it. I had two choices:
  • I say ‘no’ or ‘yes, but…’ and may therefore develop an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • I say ‘chill, mom’ and let my son taste everything, without strict restrictions or nutribullshit.

My choice went to the second option. I offer my son the food he needs and we eat all kinds of food together, even at parties. This goes hand in hand with a recovery of my own relationship with nutrition.

Eat balanced and nutritious meals together

As a dietitian, I want to contribute to a world in which children and their parents have a healthy relationship with all types of food. I wish that you too can enjoy balanced, nutritious meals with your children without – often due to your own upbringing and other acquired thinking patterns – certain foods being severely limited (‘not so many fries’) or demonized (‘sugar is poison’ ). Does this mean I’m teaching you to let go? No, on the contrary! I hold you and I take you step by step.

During my workshop ‘Family Food Education’ you will learn:

  • how to set limits for foods that you do not want to offer your child at that moment
  • how to stay away from common mistakes and pitfalls (for example, that certain foods become forbidden fruits – and therefore more attractive)
  • how you build a healthy relationship with all foods
  • set an example and question your own (diet) eating patterns
  • what really affects your child’s physical and emotional health
  • distinguish nutrition myths from nutrition facts

My workshop ‘Family Food Education’ is NOT for you if:

  • you never look in the emotional mirror and don’t want to question your own eating habits
  • you are only looking for new recipes
  • you have little or no interest in long-term effects or an open view of health
  • your child has a medical problem that needs to be solved first (you can participate, but I will not give medical advice during this workshop)
  • your children reach teenage age (email me if you are interested in an edition for teenagers)
  • you are looking for concrete nutritional advice for children under 2 years old (you can follow this so that you know what to expect from toddler age)

Family Food Education @

Do you also want to raise healthy eaters without nourishing diet culture? Do you also want to educate your children with attention to physical and mental health? Join me Niet for a talk with practical insights and time to ask your questions.

Program Friday 19th of May 2023 

  • 18:00 – Welcome
  • 18:15 – 19:15 – Lecture by dietitian Sofie De Niet
  • 19:15 – 20:00 – Q&A + discussion

Price? 30 euros/person, 60 euros/couple (tea+snacks included) – babysitter on demand (+5 euros/family)

Where? Lectures are given in English at (Rue de la Confiance 2, 1040 Etterbeek). Kids can play in our play room for free.

Book your spot! You can enroll for our workshop by completing this form. Once you hit ‘send’, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and payment instructions within 24 hours. Your inscription for the workshop is completed once we receive your payment. All payments are due in advance. Cancellation policy: possible up to 3 days in advance + 50% refund.

Questions? Call or text Sofie (0496 612 866).

Bonus? You can send me your practical questions once, up to 4 months after the workshop, about the application of what you learned about healthy parenting. You send me an e-mail or a message and I will give you a personal answer by e-mail or voice message within a week. Important: I do not give therapeutic advice. This is about the application of what you learned during the webinar.